DealCloud is a “deal management and business development software for principal investing and M&A advisory professionals,” a description that meant absolutely nothing to me when this project began in 2016. But through collaborating with the DealCloud product team, I’ve dipped my toes into the world of relationship management for this very specific sector and helped them meet their user’s needs in an elegant way.

With a relatively small but loyal userbase and new branding, we were presented with an opportunity to completely redesign the look of the DealCloud interface as well as reconfigure product features to ease pain points. We continue to consult with DealCloud on a regular basis to update current features and add to their offerings. 


We conducted stakeholder and user interviews to determine pain points and opportunites within the product’s main feature, a company dashboard.


And at the same time developed a visual system for the product’s many components. A detailed style guide has helped the DealCloud team create new elements as needed.


The app contains a sub-set of DealCloud’s robust feature set, to be more useful for users on the go.


As we continue to work with DealCloud, we’re able to move through the iteration process a lot faster. Often a conversation results in a simple (nearly illegible) whiteboarding session and moves right into visual design.

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