Lyf Co-Living:
A New Way to Stay

User Experience
Responsive Web Design
App Design 

Visual Design & Art Direction

The Ascott Limited

Charming Robot

Lyf is a new, Singapore-based hospitality concept developed under the umbrella of The Ascott Limited (a leading international serviced residence brand) that caters to young professionals, digital nomads, explorers, and the “millennial minded”. 

Over the course of an 8 month engagement, a small team at Charming Robot collaborated to create the brand’s digital presence, including user experience and visual design for web and mobile web and a consumer-facing app. 



The project kicked off with two weeks of research and exploration (read: eating lots of snacks) in Singapore. We met the client team, conducted stakeholder interviews, and began to put together a list of requirements for the website and app.


We also began wireframe concepts and the beginnings of a visual direction for the website.


Back state-side, we continued to create wireframes and userflows for the web experience and rolled out the visual identity to key screens and interactions for desktop and mobile use. We kept in touch with the client team via Basecamp and twice weekly conference calls*. 

*Because of the time difference, these calls were at 8pm and were fueled, in large part, by Bareburger and wine.

A major part of lyf’s visual identity is its ability to remain cohesive as a global brand while giving distinct personality to each individual property, accomplished by assigning a unique color palette to each location. 

Tone of voice and bold visuals were another important consideration. Where possible, we broke from traditional hotel-booking conventions to make the user experience as smooth as possible and keep the audience engaged.


Once the web experience was complete we began to flesh out the digital experience guests would encounter on the lyf app. The app, though similar in some ways to the website, needed to be more utilitarian and contain features for guests on-site at lyf locations to check in, access their rooms, post to a message board, and make purchases.


The “explore” feature, where users can check out each property and book their next trip

A message board for current guests to communicate and make off-line plans.


The visual designs, wireframes, userflows, and a detailed style-guide for both the website and the app are in the hand’s of Ascott’s development team. We continue to be in contact to provide any support they need, and look forward to working through QA measures with them! 

Lyf properties are slated to open in Singapore and China this year.

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