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Life House Hotels is a new hospitality group with a unique approach to hotel management. Through vertical integration and a tech-forward approach, the team is able to design, develop, and operate properties with high returns for both the company and its real estate partners. 

I joined Life House as their first full-time product designer in mid-2018, and we successfully launched a branded end-to-end online booking platform to coincide with the opening of our first location in early November of the same year. Since that initial launch we have continued to optimize the user experience, refine the brand visuals, and add value for our users.


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Each Life House property is specially designed by our in-house interiors team to be responsive not only to the existing structure, but to the neighborhood and its history. Each house has it’s own story to tell. Digitally, we want to showcase these individual stories while creating a scalable system that allows us to quickly and easily add new hotels to our site. 

The solution is a CMS-enabled page template that keeps the page structure consistent and allows the property’s personality to shine through photography, video, and accent colors. 

As a result the site remains cohesive and helps us build brand recognition while putting the power to craft a narrative in the hands of our marketing team.

Life House property1Life House property1
Life House property2Life House property2

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