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Amber Assay, Amanda Rios: Brand Design
Sarah Doody: User Experience is the flagship property of SheKnows Media, a media company ranked in the top four of comScore’s Female Audience in Lifestyles Category with 24.6 million millennial women visitors each month. As such, it is a heavy-traffick website with extremely low brand recognition. Charming Robot and a team of collaborators worked to give the site a thorough refresh, including a new identity and a modern, user-friendly web experience.

The original (and currently public) suite of SheKnows Media brands.

Brand Mission

To champion, encourage and elevate the voices and interests of all women everywhere.

Brand Pillars


We care about women’s issues because they are our issues. We are for women, by women – without hierarchy, judgement or shade.


It’s our goal to foster and encourage honest conversationl when women share their stories and experiences, everyone benefits. We make each other stronger.


We’re giving real women’s issues and opinions the voice and attention they deserve, from high-impact social issues to everyday interests.

Chosen Direction

Though at the beginning of the project we anticipated taking the SheKnows brand in a new direction, away from that of the parent company, as the engagement went on we reached the conclusion that losing that connection would be detrimental in the minds of the leadership – and so we ended up evolving the current brand to a modern place while maintaining a level of connection to the other SheKnows Media brands.

New identity in-use on the site’s home page.

Article page experience with a locking header.

Mid-article writing prompt for readers.

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